When you get together with your friends and/or family at other times of the year or other events, what do you do?

Is it fun?

I don't drink, and precisely zero of our social events are based around drinking or dancing.

Hence the standard 'drinking and dancing frivolities' are, for us and our group, a recipe for following social convention where we all actually don't enjoy ourselves. By comparison, 100% of our social events are based around food, games, and sitting around having a good old chin wag.

As a result:

  1. Recipe for a bad time with my group: the music is too loud to talk, there's not enough food so we are all grumpy, people were antisocial to other people they'd never met before, someone got drunk, loud and obnoxious.
  2. Recipe for a good time with my group: Cards Against Humanity, other board games, dessert, people are willing to be social with each other.

Just last weekend we were at a party where there was zero alcohol. We had cornhole boards and for other people who aren't into that there was abig Jenga group.

If you have kids, maybe a kid friendly lawn game. Even a photobooth is fun.

It should be fine.


Even though we have been married for a couple of years we still enjoy "date night".

There are farmers markets every day of the week in Sacramento, but the best is the under-the-freeway market on Sunday – the fish, meat, honey, nut, veggie, wine vendors are all excellent.

You can always walk 1.5 blocks away to the Asian farmers market at 5th and Broadway, just don't buy a live duck unless you really know what to do with it – that one has even better prices but a more limited selection but the fresh tofu can't be beat.

There's also a midtown FM on Saturday and another at McKinley Park, also on Saturday I think, that are OK, but the one under the freeway at 6th and X on Sundays from 7 am to 11 is really the best one.

If you park at the end of the road at sutter's landing park, you can take a nice walk along one of the paths through the bushes to the water and the river bank is nice and clean along this area due to the effort by volunteers who keep it pretty nice and the water is sparking. You can put your toes in and walk along the sand quite a ways. You can also walk the bike path to the train tracks and see the bats come out just after sunset.