Zella for the win!

I should probably elaborated for those of you who have never worn Zella. It's a great brand with long lasting product. The leggings and other pants and capris are great fitting and very flattering looking. The best part is, if they start to pill or the seam starts to fray (it almost never happens), then you are more than welcome to bring them back to Nordstrom and exchange them for a new pair for free!

I managed to ruin my expensive Underarmor leggings since I apparently can't have nice things and purchased these as a replacement. They have held up to some crazy abuse and many washes (with subsequent drying in my always too hot dryer) with no fading, pilling, noticeable shrinking or stretching out, or otherwise lessening of quality.

Plus they feel like they are lined with a cloud. With the thickness and medium stretch, yet they don't feel tight.

I may have purchased them too big, but I haven't noticed much of a "compression" quality other than they are thicker than most standard leggings and seemed a bit tighter than average at the ankles.

The material is of higher quality and pairs well with some of my nicer knit fabrics. I plan to invest in another pair, maybe two. I'm afraid they will go away and be gone forever!

Back in Columbus my cheap option that I likes for the winter are Target's fleece lined black leggings from Champion.