What do you think about Romwe? I have watched them get more popular in the last couple of years and so I finally bought a bunch of Romwe stuff because... Well it is cheap. And I didn't feel like it was a big loss if I didn't like the stuff.

  • I was not paid or contacted by Romwe for this. I've just seen them mentioned on some of my favorite fashion blogs (through C/Os), so I figured it was worth a try.
  • I placed my order on 12/20 and received them today (12/29). I live in California and paid with PayPal. I received text messages from DHL updating me on the delivery time for my package. A friend who ordered the same day is still waiting - I've heard that shipping times vary a lot, so I was pleasantly surprised by the speed.
  • One thing that was hugely frustrating: Discounts do not stack. You will almost always see a retail price struck out with a sale price next to it. You can also easily find coupon codes for 40-60% off, but these take the discount off the retail price. I was pretty disappointed when I realized I had been looking at the wrong prices all along.
  • I used a 55% off coupon that I received by viewing my cart and then trying to close the window. (They had a little "don't go!" pop up showing coupon codes.) I've also heard of other people leaving items in their carts for a few days in order to get the codes. No idea if this will still work, but here are the codes I was shown. Edit: My friend tells me that the site doesn't check the price in your cart, so you can use the 60% coupon without having $189 of stuff.
  • Definitely pay attention to the size measurements on the site. They're not always accurate, but it's easy to forget that this is an Asian fashion store and being a M/L in American (or other Western) sizes doesn't translate well.
  • Overall: Would buy again!